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April 2014 Newsletter Review


It’s hard to believe that the children have already learned how to use and write over sixteen sight words. We have practiced using the words to create sentences. We also practiced recognizing the words in our daily reading literature. Learning sight words give the children the confidence to explore reading and expand their world. 


During the month of March, we began to transform our environment and curriculum into a “spring” theme. We discussed and created the different weather patterns using hands on science experiments and various arts and crafts.  Easter Egg Hunts…… 

Little Tots Sunshine Childcare

On Thursday April 17th we will have our annual Easter Celebration and Easter Egg Hunt. We will have an egg-specially fun time as we dye eggs, engage in fun crafts, and have our very own colorful Easter egg hunt. Each child is welcomed to bring goodies to share with their friends.


Tinley Park

Family Fun Bunny Hop

Price: FREE

Location: South Street and 67th Court (South of Oak Park Ave Metra train station)

Date: Sunday April 13th

Time: 12pm to 3pm



Price: FREE

Location: Commissioners Park - Fort Frankfort (22108 South 80th Ave)

Ages: 1 – 8

Date: Saturday April 12th

Time: 1pm to 2:30pm


New Lenox

Price: FREE

Location: Haines Park (Haines Ave; West of Cedar Rd)

339 West Haven Ave

Ages: 2 – 14

Date: Saturday April 12th

Time: 10am


Tinley Park  Helicopter Easter Egg Drop– Odyssey Fun Farm

Price: $5

Location: Across the street from Odyssey Fun World – Tinley Park

Ages: All ages

Date: Saturday April 12th and Sunday April 13th

Time: 11am to 5pm


Easy Easter Craft for Kids

I found this really cool and easy Easter craft on the website. I would like to share this with you, so you can try this at home with your Little Tot:


Homemade Easter Bunny Basket You Need:

What to Do:

1. Measure your white paper around your container. With your scissors, cut the paper to fit the length around the whole container. Leave a few inches of the paper extra long for the bunny’s ears to point out long.

2. Using glue, attach the paper around the container.

3. Color a bunny face with your markers or crayons.

4. Attach a cotton ball with glue to the back of the container as bunny tail.

5. Fill with fun Easter goodies!

Little Tots Sunshine Childcare

Alumni of the Month


Desmond (Desi) Travae Bynum, Jr was the first student at Little Tots Sunshine Childcare. Desi has always been seen as a leader and the big brother to ALL of the children in our program. Desi is often described as “the star of the show”. His mature demeanor and unbelievable ability to speak on many topics has caused most adults to question his age. Desi is a very intelligent and focused eight year old that has always been eager to learn and try new things. Desi is currently in second grade at Willow School in Homewood. Desi’s ability to grasp any subject and utilize that knowledge is evident in his many accomplishments. Desi has received many awards in elementary school for his outstanding math, spelling, and reading skills. Desi’s school standardized test scores in math and reading have measured two to three grade levels above his current grade. Desi is very active in his community. He participates in Cub Scouts, Homewood baseball team, and Homewood park district basketball. Desi’s exposure to quality early childhood education and great parental support has aided him in the past and will continue to encourage him in his quest for higher learning. Let’s congratulate “Desi Wesi” on his many accomplishments and continued success! 

         Closed Dates

April 18th Good Friday

April 21st Monday after Easter 

May 26th Memorial Day



 April Birthdays


Gabriel    April 1st  

Jordyn     April 11th