Little Tots Sunshine Childcare

June 2014 Newsletter


Monthly Review


During the month of May the children were introduced to additional high frequency sight words. The children were introduced to the words “can”, “she”, “you”, and “it”. We have successfully mastered over twenty-five sight words.    


During the month of May, we also celebrated Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. We read and discussed the importance of this celebration and created a fun craft. The children enjoyed creating their own maracas using spoons, plastic Easter egg, and small peas. Even our toddlers enjoyed this craft.


For Mother’s Day, the children enjoyed creating special gifts for the mothers and participating in activities that allowed each child to express their love and appreciation for their mothers and grandmothers.








 Field Trip 


It’s Summer time and I’m excited about our weekly planned outings. This summer we will be attending numerous local events like the Frankfort Square Splash Park District, Fort Frankfort Park, Frankfort Friday events on the green, Kids Work Children Museum, Frankfort Bookmobile and more.




Making A Difference


Thanks to all of the parents that donated to the Pacific Mission Homeless Soap donations. We were able to collect over fifty bars of soap. Thanks again for your generosity!


Quality Rating Scale Grant 2014


Praise The Lord! We were awarded the quality rating scale grant this year. The items in this grant will allow Little Tots to continue to enhance our quality childcare environment. We will receive new chairs, cubbies, and a fun and exciting curriculum that contain great learning materials for all ages.  



Star Level Four/ NAFCC Accreditation


We have successfully completed the observation and review process for the Star Level Four assessment. There were two assessors from National Louis University that spent over eleven hours interviewing me and observing the childcare. It was a very long process but a great learning experience. Whether or not I obtain this star level, Little Tots Sunshine will continue to provide quality developmentally practices.



In December 2014, we will be observed by a NAFCC assessor to renew our NAFCC accreditation. We are ready and excited for this new challenge.




Childcare Birthdays


Haydin  May 21st (2)

Chayce        June 3rd  (3)


Closed Dates


Friday July 4th and Monday July 7th

Friday September 11th   (new day)




Ø Monthly supplies: box of tissue, roll of paper towel, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray

Ø Please remember to provide weather appropriate clothing and sun protective lotion for your children