Little Tots Sunshine Childcare

May 2014 Newsletter



Monthly Review


During the month of April the children were introduced to additional high frequency sight words. The children were introduced to the words “at”, “for”, “not”, and “do”. We have successfully introduced, recognized, traced, and properly used over twenty sight words since the beginning of the year. Continue to read with your child and ask questions about “what they have learned today” at Little Tots Sunshine and you’re be amazed!  


During the month of April we celebrated Earth Day. We discussed the importance of taking care of our Earth and various ways to explore the beauty of God’s creation. We created many art crafts, planted grass seeds, and cleaned the outside. We also celebrated Easter by discussing the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We were also blessed with a special guest that brought the children lots of joy and treats………Ms. Easter Bunny. 







 Field Trip 


I would like to thank everyone that attended the play “Eric Carle’s the very hungry caterpillar and other Eric Carle’s favorites”. The puppetry was outstanding. The adults and the children were both amazed by the spectacular performance.












Making A Difference


One of the parents at Little Tots Sunshine Childcare has started a non-for profit foundation that benefits Homeless Veterans. His foundation is collecting soap bars to donate to the Pacific Garden Mission Homeless Shelter in Chicago. If you are interested in supporting this soap bar drive you can bring the soap bars to the childcare and I will forward the items to this foundation on Friday May 23rd.

Healthy Environment


To help keep our childcare environment healthy,  Ms. Kimberly, Ms. Samara, and I are encouraging the children to practice healthy choices that will reduce the spread of germs. We encourage the children to:


1. Sneeze and cough into their elbows instead of using their hands.


2. Wash their hands after they use the bathroom, wipe their nose, and after they put their fingers in their mouth.


3. When washing their hands, I encourage the children to “wash the front and back and in between”. Wash the front of their hand, the back of their hand and in between the fingers. The washing of their hands should last at least 20 seconds.





Little Tots Sunshine Childcare

Alumni of the Month        


JoVohn (“my Jovi Wovi”), was the first baby that joined the Little Tots Sunshine family in 2008. Jovie has always been a very quiet, loving, well mannered, and intelligent child. He loves reading and listening to books. Jovie has always been a big fan of Eric Carle’s books. He also loves creating art projects and dramatic play. Jovie’s love for these activities has continued in elementary school. Jovie is currently a 1st grader in the Flossmoor Hills School. Jovie, like his brother JayQuan, participates in math enrichment and does extremely well in all of his classes. Jovie is also an avid sports kid; he participates in the Matteson and Country Club Hills rec team basketball, soccer team, and the Homewood Flossmoor Jr Viking football team. Jovie’s exposure to quality early childhood education, great parental support, and positive competitive nature has aided him in the past and will continue to encourage him in his quest for higher learning. Let’s congratulate Jovie on his many accomplishments and continued success! By the way, Jovie and JayQuan are the big brothers to our Zoey Ratliff!



Closed Dates


Monday May 26th Memorial Day

Friday  September 11th   (new day)





Ř Monthly supplies: box of tissue, roll of paper towel, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray

Ř Please remember to provide weather appropriate clothing for your children. We will go outside when the weather is above freezing.