Little Tots Sunshine Childcare

September 2014 Newsletter



Monthly Review


This month we will begin our new 2014-2015 preschool curriculum. We will be using thematic units with a focus on a different fun and exciting theme each month. The Thematic units will include theme related children literature and engaging activities that will encourage integrated learning (meaningful learning). Research has found and proven that integrated learning help children achieve higher levels of learning because they are learning about information that they understand and relate to everyday life. The monthly curriculum will also include different alphabets, numerals, colors, shapes, and take home projects.


The theme for the month of September is FAMILY.




Special at home projects…


Since our theme for the month of September is “Family” the children will be creating two special projects with the assistance of their parents.


1.     Create a family collage – I would like each student to bring in a family photo or two (photos that you we can keep) so we can create a group collage with all of our pictures.


2.     Family Tree – I will be sending home an empty family tree home with the children during the week of September 2nd . I would like for each child to complete their family tree with their parents and be prepared to share something fun and/or exciting about their family. I would like the family trees to be completed and returned by September 8th .


Thanks for your assistance with both projects.


Assisting children with their schoolwork show the children that you value education and this builds their confidence in learning and school.




September Monthly Objectives


Students will…


Ø Listen attentively and respond to instruction

Ø Use oral language to describe objectives and experiences

Ø Learn new words and expand vocabulary

Ø Compare and sort objects by various

Ø Participate in the creation and interpretation of graphs and charts

Ø Count concrete objects

Ø Arrange objects in sequence by size

Ø Compare and contrast families

Ø Make and record scientific observations

Ø Recognize how people lives change over time

Ø Develop and enhance gross and fine motor skills.



Books we will read this month in addition to the children favorite books….


Are You My mother?  by P. D. Eastman


Me and My Family tree   by Joan Sweeney


Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti by Anna Grossnickle Hines


Peter’s Chair by Ezra Jack Keats



 Field Trip 



On Saturday September 13th, We will be visiting the County Line Orchard in Hobart, Indiana ( The County Line Orchard has apple picking, tractor rides, kid farms, moo choo rides, “Peter the pumpkin eating dino” show, mini maze, and good tasty treats. The admission is $10 per person. This includes unlimited access to the kid’s farm, maze, moo choo train, tractor rides, and free u-pick bag (you will have to pay a separate charge for the apples you pick). There are less expensive admission options with limited access to some of the activities. Parent participation is required for this trip. I will meet you at the County Line Orchard at 9am.


Upcoming Events  


Ø Friday October 10th   Odyssey Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

Ø Sunday November 23rd     Brook Field Zoo Trim a Tree (I’m trying to get a Little Tots Sunshine Christmas tree that we will decorate at the zoo. I’ll keep you updated)







  Frankfort Book Mobile


The Frankfort library has added Little Tots to its’ school schedule. The book mobile will come to my house every second Thursday of the month at 9am.  We are the first home childcare program that has been added to the library’s bookmobile fall schedule.



  Healthy Childcare


As we suffer through this allergy season and soon to be cold season, I would like to review Little Tots sick policy. If your child has colored mucus, body temperature of 104 or higher, experience vomiting please keep your child at home. I know germs are everywhere but the best way to minimize the spread of germs is to encourage proper hand washing, address children’s illness immediately and discourage putting hands and other objects in their mouth. 




 Little Tots Family



I would like to thank everyone that came to the Back to school/End of Summer Event. It was a blast and everyone seemed to really enjoy the event. It was good to be able mingle with our parents, some of our alumni parents, as well as one of our new families. I look forward to our Christmas Party (It’ll be here before we know it!)




Upcoming Closed Dates


Tuesday Nov 24th, Wednesday Nov 25th Thursday Nov 26th (Thanksgiving), and Friday Nov 27th



Ø Monthly supplies: box of tissue, roll of paper towel, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray

Ø If your child will not be in attendance before 9am please call the childcare.

Ø Tuition Payment is due every Friday